YooRecipe End Of Life


YooRecipe comes to an end as I do not have time to maintain it anymore. Subscriptions are now closed starting from Sep 27. SUPPORT REMAINS ACTIVE FOR ACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS.

All the best!



Main Features


Starting from Joomla3, YooRecipe works on mobile devices, tablets and computers

Recipe manager

Easy-to-use management screen with numerous edition features

Frontend submission

Turn your users into authors and give them the possibility to create their recipes

Multi language support

Recipes or categories can be associated with a language for multi language cookbooks.

On-the-fly quantity converter

THE YooRecipe original feature. Adapt the quantity of ingredients according to the number of people. How Convenient!

Share recipe

Share your recipes using Facebook, twitter, pinterest, stumble upon and other social networks

Nutrition facts

Kcals,carbs,salt,proteins... YooRecipe is also perfect for diet websites

Recipe price management

Should you need to provide a price for your recipes, it is possible

Rate manager

Give your community the opportunity to rate the recipes

Recipe tags

Link recipes together using tags

Times viewed

Know what are your most famous recipes thanks to their view counters

Alphabetical search

Browse recipes by letter.

eco-print feature

Make your users save ink by only printing what they need

Watermarked pictures

Protect your original pictures thanks to automatic watermark

Supports videos

Make your website more interactive using videos!

Report comments

Keep your content clean and get informed of abusive comments

+20 languages available

Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Swedish ... Save time using a software already translated in your mother tongue

Shopping Lists

Manage your shopping lists, print them out or flash them with your smartphone and check your shopping lists at the supermarket

Meal Planner

Help your users plan their meals for the week thanks to our nice drag and drop meal planner!

Module Positions

Customize your content using internal module positions and display ads, banners or any content.

Content Plugin

Display Recipes in your Joomla articles using YooRecipe Plugin.

Administration Features

Intuitive control panel

Well organized Backend screens, search features & filters

Category manager

Create as many categories as you want. Categories can be nested. No depth limitation

Recipe moderation

Keep your content clean thanks to the approval process

Comment moderation

Decide who can comment and manage comments easily

Email notifications

Stay informed of new recipes and comments posted on your website

Numerous display Options

3 available layouts

Single column, dual column or thumbnails layout. You have the choice

List by category

Display your recipes by category


Paginate your content as you want to

Display control

Enable/disable display on a per-field basis

Most viewed recipes

Display your most popular recipes

Latest recipes


Featured recipe list

Feature your recipes and animate your community with Recipes of the day

User favourites

Registered users can manage their favorites recipes

Archive list

All recipes alphabetically sorted

Flexible Features

Extensible units

Looking for a flexible way to manage your cookbook? Add new ingredient units to the predefined list of units (grams, kilos, pounds, etc)

Extensible ingredient groups

Recipes might necessitate several preparations (sauce, seasoning, etc). Create as much ingredient groups as needed

Gallery module

Define which recipes to put in image slider (latest, most viewed, best rated, etc)

Search module & Plugin

Extend Joomla native search to include your recipes. Joomla Smart Search is also supported.

JomSocial Plugins

Display user favorites and user-created recipes in profile

EasySocial Integration

Display user activity, points and badges

Komento Integration

Enhance users experience and get user-added content thanks to Komento!

Disqus Integration

Spoil your community thanks to Disqus!

SEO friendly

Nice URL rewriting

Used in conjunction of sh404SEF, create short, nice looking URLs

Site map

Send your XML Sitemap to Google for a better indexing

Google rich snippets

Tell Google your content is recipes. You just need to activate the feature to use microformats

Well coded pages

Canonical URLs, Google recommandations followed. We are proud of our code quality

Powerful features

Powerful search engine

Include (or exclude) ingredients from your search. Search (or not) over recipe names, tags, description

Fine grained permissions

Based on Joomla Permissions. Who can create, edit, delete, manage recipes and comments?

Supports US/metrics

YooRecipe has been thought to answer worldwide expectations. US or metrics quantities display is a built-in feature